Do you suffer from persistent pain? Are you taking pain medications?

PainWise Pain Assessment Service

Have you suffered pain for the past 3 months or more?

Are you taking more than 1 type of analgesic per week?

Take the test and pain assessment and find out how the PainWise program can help you. 

PainWise Support Program

Our comprehensive PainWise Support program can help you:

•    Better understand new and current treatment options to help you manage pain sustainably
•    Ensure you are on the best medicines for your specific pain and aware of non-drug options that are helpful
•    Help you plan a long term solution and set goals to more easily manage your pain and enjoy your life again 
•    Consider other aspects of health that can be influencing your pain 
•    Get one-on-on support to more easily navigate your journey 

This program has been developed by a pharmacist and designed to work with your GP and other health care professionals to better navigate your pain management.