Have you had your blood pressure or cholesterol checked recently? Or are you on blood pressure or cholesterol medication?

Cardiovascular Screening and Early Detection Service 

As part of this service the pharmacist will check your blood pressure and cholesterol and other risk factors to assess your overall chance of getting cardiovascular disease.

The pharmacist will help you understand your risk score and provide health and well being advice.

“Building Healthy Hearts” Support Program

Sometimes taking medicines for blood pressure and cholesterol is difficult because there are often no symptoms… 

“Building Healthy Hearts” Support program is designed to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and to help you

•    Better understand your medicines and ensure your medicines are working best for you 
•    Learn some new ways to manage your cardiovascular health with natural and non-drug options  
•    Help you plan a long term solution and set goals to more easily build health and wellbeing 
•    Get one-on-on support to navigate your specific journey