Are you feeling breathless? Coughing? Do you live with COPD?

COPD Screening and Early Detection Service

Are you over 35 years with no previous diagnosis of COPD? And answer yes to one of the following:

  • Smoker or ex-smoker?
  • Work or worked in a job with exposure to dust, gas or fumes?
  • Cough several times most days?
  • Cough up phlegm or mucous most days?
  • Suffer frequent chest infections?

This service which involves a lung health checklist & risk assessment may be of benefit to you.

“Building Healthy Lungs” COPD Support Program

Did you know that 90% of people find inhalers tricky to use and don’t get the most out of their medicines?

“Building Healthy Lungs” COPD Support program can help you:

•    Better understand your medicines, improve your inhaler technique and ensure your medicines are best for you
•    Learn some new ways to manage your COPD with natural and non-drug options 
•    Help you plan a long term solution and set goals to more easily manage your COPD and enjoy your life again 
•    Get one-on-on support to more easily navigate your specific journey 

This program has been developed in conjunction with resources provided by Lung Foundation Australia